Monthly Archives: February 2018

VINTAGE Acoustic Research AR3a Speakers

This listing includes (Pair)VINTAGE Cabinet Acoustic Research AR3a Speakers Both subwoofers re-foamed. Both subs are in great condition and [...]

AR TSW 910 Vintage Speakers Acoustic Research Teledyne

For sale is the top model out of the AR (Acoustic Research) TSW series, the 910’s. I have restored all the drivers with new foam and d [...]

Pair of Vintage Acoustic Research AR4x Speakers ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED

A pair of vintage AR-4X Speakers in good working condition. These Speakers were bought at a Estate Sale. There are a few scratches on the ca [...]

Acoustic Research AR-3a Vintage Pair Speakers Prof ReFoam Sound Great

You Are Looking At a Vintage Pair of Acoustic Research AR-3a Speakers – Prof ReFoam – Sound Great. Condition: The pair being off [...]

Acoustic Research AR-2AX

Pair of Acoustic Research AR-2AX speakers in great condition. Drivers are original and everything is working properly. Woofers were recently [...]

PAIR OF Acoustic Research AR 3 Speakers AS IS

PAIR OF Acoustic Research AR 3 Speakers AS IS Speakers are missing midranges SEE PHOTOS all other speakers are original and have been fully [...]

Acoustic Research AR50c Connoisseur

Acoustic Research AR50c Connoisseur speakers. These are Big Room speakers. Deep Bass, Crystal clear midrange and highly detailed brilliant h [...]
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