Single Vintage 4 Ohm Ar Midrange Speaker Unit Acoustic Research

Single of vintage midrange for old AR speakers. Original and working great. Please look at all actual item pictures carefully to know about [...]

Acoustic Research AR-2AX Speakers New Foam Surrounds Good Cond. Original Drivers

These Speakers have just had the foams redone. It is the fourth time I have done speaker foams so they are not perfect but the coils move sm [...]

6 Acoustic Research AR Replacement Tweeters LST2 package

Package of 6 tweeters for LST2 with 6 Inductors. Please specify front or rear wire connections. The item “6 Acoustic Research AR Repla [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR 4X Bookshelf Speakers Pair WORKING Partial Rebuild

These are in nice working condition. These were partially rebuilt — Tweeters are new, and were replaced with reproduction tweeters of [...]

Acoustic Research AR22BX Vintage Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers Made In England

290 x 230 x 470 WDH (mm). Please have a good look at the photos as they are of the actual item for sale unless otherwise stated and will giv [...]

Acoustic Research AR-1 Vintage Early Production Unfinished Pine No Altec 755

The AR-1 set new standards of low-frequency performance and low distortion that were unsurpassed for many years and some of the best loudspe [...]

Vintage PAIR Teledyne Acoustic Research AR-28BX Speakers

These speakers sound wonderful and are in great cosmetic condition. The item “Vintage PAIR Teledyne Acoustic Research AR-28BX Speakers [...]

Acoustic Research AR 308 HO Large Black Set of 2 Bookshelf Speakers

This is a set of 2 AR 308HO speakers as pictured. They do have some wear and tear on the cases and speaker covers, see all 12 pictures of so [...]

Ar2a Acoustic Research Professional Restoration Matched Electronics

This is a very nice set of Early Production speakers. They feature the AR3 Tweeter and the Alnico magnet cloth surround woofer. POTS totally [...]

Acoustic Research AR-3a Acoustic Suspension Loud Speakers

Acoustic Research AR-3a Acoustic Suspension Loud Speakers. Owned From New And Very Well Looked After. All Drivers Are Working Well And Sound [...]
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