Monthly Archives: December 2015

Acoustic Research AR4 Speakers (Restored)

I bought two pair of AR4 line speakers and it turned out one of them were original AR4s (not AR4x nor AR4xa). I’ve been using them for [...]

Acoustic Research AR-2a Speakers in Vintage Hi-Fi Furniture 1960s

For sale I have a pair of vintage speakers – Acoustic Resear AR-2a. They come in their original cabinets, as part of a lovely hi-fi se [...]

Acoustic Research AR-2a’s Speakers for parts or repair AS-IS AR2A

These were part of a large collection that has been in storage since the late 90’s and is now being liquidated. The cabinets are in fa [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR-2a Speakers Tested

Vintage acoustic research AR-2A speakers. Very light, typical scratches on cabinets. The item “Vintage Acoustic Research AR-2a Speaker [...]


Be sure to add me to your favorites list. Check out my other items. The fast, easy, and secure way to pay online. NOTE:IF YOU HAVE ZERO FEED [...]

Acoustic Research AR-2ax 1960’s EARLY Vintage 3-way Stereo Speakers NR

Thebigbluemitten pair AR 2ax vintage speakers. Vintage AR-2ax 3-Way Speakers. However one of the speakers has a water stain, the speaker on [...]

Pair Of Vintage Acoustic Research AR 4X Speakers Loudspeakers Suspension Type

This is a matching pair of AR 4x all original crosshatch woofers and original tweeters. The cabinets show wear but they do not have any majo [...]

Vintage AR-3 Stereo Speakers- Rebuilt/upgraded- Acoustic Research AR3

I bought these speakers used in 1974 and have owned them ever since, and played them through my Fisher 500C tube receiver. 6 months ago I de [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR 4x Speakers + Sansui Solid State 5000A Amplifier

Vintage Ar4x speaker (fx117359 & fx106994)and Sansui 5000A amplifier super clean! No crashes in the speakers!!! The item “Vintage [...]
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