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Vintage Acoustic Research AR-2ax Suspension Loudspeakers RESTORED EXCELLENT A+

Restored Vintage AR-2ax 3-way Suspension Loudspeakers. The early 1970’s Acoustic Research AR2ax 3-way suspension loudspeakers are amon [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR18S HiFi Speakers 60 W

Vintage Acoustic Research AR18S HiFi Speakers – 60 W. In full working order and professionally re-foamed. The mid range, high range an [...]

AR9LS Acoustic Research Tower Speakers

These are a beast of a pair of speakers. Incredible articulate bass and brilliant highs. Can play at any level, mild to wild! All the surrou [...]

Acoustic Research AR 3 2nd Earliest Pair In Existence C0016 C0138 Read Desc

VERY LOW SERIAL NUMBERS! C 0016 / C 0138. These Speakers Were Among The First Batch Produced In 1959, And Are Believed To Be. The 2nd OLDEST [...]

Acoustic Research AR-1 Acoustic Suspension Speakers Very Nice Set

These speakers came from an estate sale, and they are in very nice condition considering the vintage. They have all of the original labels o [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR-4x Speakers (Serial Number FX256957/256976)

Vintage Acoustic Research AR-4x Speakers. Maker : Acoustic Research. Serial Number : FX 256957/256976. As the photos show, they are in good [...]

Acoustic Research AR-2ax AR2ax Speakers Excellent with Close Serial Numbers

Acoustic Research AR-2ax Speakers In Excellent Condition They have close serial numbers : 225437 & 225447 Look and Sound Very Good Cabi [...]

Speakers Floor Standing Vintage Pair Floorstanding AR9 Acoustic Research Black

Pre-owned Pair Of Acoustic Research AR9 Black Floorstanding Speakers. Then the company got bought out by Audiovox and in the mid to later 90 [...]

Pair of Vintage Acoustic Research AR-4X Bookshelf Speakers Sound Great In EUC

Both walnut cabinets are beautiful and in excellent condition all around. Grill covers have been recovered in linen and are perfect with ori [...]

Acoustic Research TSW-410 Vintage Audiophile Loudspeakers BRAND NEW IN BOX! RARE

Acoustic Research TSW-410 Vintage Audiophile Loudspeakers BRAND NEW IN BOX! These are pretty rare, and in BRAND NEW CONDITION! Although they [...]
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