Monthly Archives: October 2018

(2) VINTAGE – Acoustic Research AR-1 speakers – AR1 – serials 0633 06638 -

LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY IF you want to arrange something different contact me. ALL drivers work well Pots work well You can listen to them See pi [...]

Acoustic Research AR3a speakers. New surrounds. Legendary sound. Walnut

Acoustic Research AR 3a loudspeakers. Surrounds installed last year by famed AR. Tweeter suspensions remain flexible. Midrange tweeters and [...]

Vintage Pair of AR-2ax Speakers, Excellent working condition-Beautiful condition

Offered here is a Vintage Pair of AR 2ax Speakers Excellent working condition Beautiful. These are classic High Fidelity Speakers from the l [...]

Acoustic Research AR3a Speakers Good Condition

I recently traded these for a larger pair of speakers. The previous owner had them recapped and new l-pads installed. Sound is very nice. Th [...]

Acoustic Research AR 91 Speakers

This is my second pair of these AR91 speakers. I would keep them, but my collection needs to be reduced. They have incredible bass presence [...]

Vintage Pair ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AR3a Alnico Woofer Very Good Condition

Never open Grill and no any fix. I will packing use 2. Or before see speaker If you like. The item “Vintage Pair ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AR3 [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR-1 Speaker. In Altec 755a and AR Alnico Woofer 1960

Altec 755a and AR Alnico Woofer 1960. Never open no any fix. Low 48 States of US. Or after see Speaker. The item “Vintage Acoustic Res [...]

Vintage AR Acoustic Research Model 1200-G Floor Speakers Sound Awesome

Vintage AR Acoustic Research Model 1200-G Floor Speakers Sound Awesome! I have a nice pair of 1200-g speakers. They are in great shape for t [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR-4X Speakers

Acoustic Research AR-4X Speakers. All drivers work fine, Please review all pictures for cosmetic condition. The item “Vintage Acoustic [...]
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