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Rebuilt Acoustic Research AR-2x vintage bookshelf speakers Oiled Walnut PAIR

Rebuilt Acoustic Research AR-2x vintage speakers. Beautiful rich oiled walnut cabinets. Famous 10 acoustic suspension woofers and small cone [...]

Rebuilt Tweeter For Acoustic Research, Ar-3a, Ar-lst Rear Terminal Config

One rear terminal tweeter for the AR-3a and AR-LST Speakers. At this time, we have only one available. Original, burned out voice coil was r [...]

Rebuilt AR-2ax Alnico AR speaker 10 WOOFER DRIVER PAIR AR2-AX (free shipping)

The rebuilt (refoamed) AR-2ax Alnico speaker WOOFER DRIVER PAIR as pictured. They’re pulled, refoamed , in good clean sounding conditi [...]
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