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Original Acoustic Research Ar3 Speakers

ORIGINAL ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AR3 SPEAKERS-FOR SALE These speakers are in perfect working condition–2.4(#1) and 2.3 (#2) OHMS Woofer. In [...]

Acoustic Research AR-3 Vintage Audiophile Speakers, Tested & Working AR3 pair

This is a vintage pair of Acoustic Research AR-3 loudspeakers in very good working condition. Both speakers were tested and produce music. T [...]

Vintage Acoustic Research AR3 SpeakerLow Serial No. All Original Parts

A piece of audio history and one of the more remarkable examples of ageless audio engineering. Device consists of all original parts with no [...]

Acoustic Research AR-3a speakers

One pair of vintage Acoustic Research AR-3a speakers, circa 1970, described by the company as “the best home speaker system we know ho [...]

AR3a speakers, pair & wood stands (original owner), plus a backup rebuilt woofer

1 pair of vintage/original AR3a speakers, 1 pair of wood stands, 1 rebuilt back up woofer, extra fuses for wired fuse block. Speaker serial [...]

AR Acoustic Research Speakers LST Oiled Walnut Vintage Pair

AR Acoustic Research Speakers LST Oiled Walnut Vintage Pair. Both speakers are in WORKING condition. Both have the same cracking issue on th [...]

Ar4x Acoustic Research Speakers Best Of Show Amazing Condition

Great Looking speaker cabinets and Sound Quality! Matched Set of speakers and crossover components. AR4X’s in Real Nice Condition (All [...]

Acoustic Research AR 3 2nd Earliest Pair In Existence C0016 C0138 Read Desc

VERY LOW SERIAL NUMBERS! C 0016 / C 0138. These Speakers Were Among The First Batch Produced In 1959, And Are Believed To Be. The 2nd OLDEST [...]

Classic AR-4X Acoustic Research Bookshelf Stereo Speakers Drivers & Cabs Great

There are no holes in any of the grills, but there are some minor scuffs & scrapes to the cabinets. All drivers are original. These sou [...]

Acoustic Research, AR 2ax, 3-way Loudspeakers fully restored vintage classics

Fully Restored Vintage AR2ax 3-way Loudspeakers. Early 1970’s Acoustic Research AR2ax 3-way loudspeakers. Among the best of the “ [...]
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