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Acoustic Research 310ho Floorstanding Speaker Xclnt Audiophile Stereo Ar 310

For sale is a pair of Acoustic Research 310HO stereo speakers is in excellent Condition they work and sound INCREDIBLE!!! Very efficient wit [...]

Ar4 Acoustic Research Rare Vintage Original

These speakers gave birth to the famous AR4X and are considered to be rare in nature. This set in in very good condition and will only appre [...]

Acoustic Research AR98 LS stereo speakers

Acoustic Research AR98 LS walnut veneer stereo speakers. These are Original, no push ins, All drivers work Cabinets are about 8 out of 10, l [...]

Acoustic Research AR90 speakers

Acoustic Research AR90 speakers. I have recapped these baby’s and they sound GREAT. I will describe the sound as Identical as the AR9 [...]

Acoustic Research AR98 LSI stereo speakers

Acoustic Research AR98 LSI walnut veneer stereo speakers. I have completely rebuilt these speakers, they look nice, sound better. I Refoamed [...]

Acoustic Research AR-6 Speaker system Free Shipping Tracking Number USED

Woofer edge replaced, overall there are scratches. Appreciate your understanding though we try our best to update it on time. International [...]

Acoustic Research AR-3a Vintage Audiophile Speakers

These are in excellent condition. These are the best sounding AR-3a’s I have ever heard! I The new modern wiring and crossovers really [...]

Acoustic Research AR-3a speakers serial numbers 2506 2508

Acoustic Research AR-3a speakers. Speakers are in good working condition. I have used these as my main speakers for the last year and have n [...]
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