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AR-4x AR4X Acoustic Research Vintage Speakers

AR-4x AR4X Acoustic Research Vintage Speakers. Beautiful condition AR-4x Acoustic Research Vintage Speakers. Oiled walnut cabinets are in go [...]

AR-4x Vintage Acoustic Research Speakers Tested & Working

Acoustic Research AR-4x Speakers. They are tested and in great working order. Cabinets are in nice shape as well. Feel free to ask questions [...]

AR-4x Acoustic Research Speakers. Look great, sound great. I will drive to meet

Really nice looking, all rear panel labels, No cabinet dings just need TLC to look awesome. I’ve not done a thing to these. Grills loo [...]

AR-4X Acoustic Research Bookshelf Speakers Pair With Great Sound

New pots, one woofer reconned, other is perfect match. Caps tested and found within specs. Grills near perfect no badges. One speaker cabine [...]
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